Zelltech Insulations is a leading brand in the field of Reflective Aluminium Foil Radiant Heat Barriers for Roof Insulation and Vapour Barriers for Air Conditioning Duct Insulation.

global needs of Global Warming from everywhere in the world. Nowadays the world temperature is constantly increasing and affects the productivity of human resource and high performance machinery which needs engine cooling. Zelltech Insulations provide the best solutions for Heat Reduction in the workplace, factory or even in your home. With Less heat, factories will grow and increase their productivity.

Beside the productivity issue, Zelltech Insulation also using Eco-Friendly materials. This has to be done as a proof of the company's consistancy in participating to reduce the Global warming in the world.

Zelltech Insulation offers a variety of products which are safe and cleaner. Zelltech insulation offers a technology using aluminium foil bubble and foam, fibre-free solution in commercial thermal insulation. Zelltech is ideal for health-sensitive applications and in schools, hospitals, factories and office buildings where high thermal performance and lower lifecycle running costs are important parts of the design brief.

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