Fiber free, non allergenic & non glasswool
Tough, strong, durable, water resistant
Rodent and insect resistant
Reflects up to 97% of radiant heat
Suitable & recomended for food industry
Multi-use insulation and vapour barrier
Quick and easy to install (No roof mesh needed)
Waterproof and unaffected by moisture
Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

"Zelltech Insulation delivers thermal efficiency in building design"

Apply to roofs and / or ceiling to significantly lower building climate control costs
  • The usage of Air Conditioning will be more efficient and will affect the cost of electricity.
  • In a long term, workplace or factory with good climate on the field will keep the machinery and electronics to last longer and every resources will perform at its best.
  • Zelltech heat insulation also ideal to be applied at health-sensitive applications for example in schools, hospitals, factories and office buildings