Zelltech is an aluminium radiant heat barrier product which not only deliver the promises or statements, Zelltech dare to give a real guarantee for each product.

For each roll of aluminum foil produced, Zelltech provide security marks in the form of holograms to detect authenticity, and for length checking. Every start-tip of the roll and every end-tip of the roll will have a hologram marks. Zelltech guarantee it’s size will be exactly the same according to customer’s demand..

Zelltech provide product replacement warranty: 1 roll replaced with 2 rolls. If the first roll you receive does not match the quality that we state, Zelltech will replace the defect product with 2 new rolls.

If you buy Zelltech, you can sit down, relax and enjoy it’s quality.

Zelltech provide a guarantee to the purchaser or owner of the project / building HEAT INSULATION using the product and follow the instructions shipment, storage, and installation that is given by the ZELLTECH.